"Behind the scenes"

little stories from the SGC sets

"Can we dig it out!? - You spent seven years with MacGyver and can't figure that out?
God,we have belt buckles and shoelaces and a piece of gum - build us a nuclear reactor, for cryin' out loud!
You used to be MacGadget, MacGimmick. Now you're just MacUseless!

Dear God! I'm stuck on a glacier with MacGyver! "

Solitudes - S01E17:

At FEDCON 23 in 2013, Amanda Tapping told the little story behind the MacGyver joke: "It was in the first episode that Martin Wood directed, it was Solitudes. They had the stage frozen so it was very cold in there, around minus two degrees or so. We had real ice on this stage and Martin was trying to - well - to make everyone happy and to keep the crew going and he said, if you get the chance to have fun - please do it. And - I swear! After that I was afraid of getting fired! [grins] - Good! ... Rick came - well - crawled to the Dial Home Device with his broken leg and well ... ' don't you think we can dial out with your mind '... and I just started - well - with the MacGyver, MacGadged, MacGimmick, MacUseless ....
Rick looked at me and I said Oh..ohh..oh ... and he turned around and looked at the camera ... and then the crew started laughing and I laughed and I remember ... that was ok, ... ok and so that was it... "

Richard Dean Anderson: [grins] "Lie!"
Amanda Tapping: [Laughs heartily] "But it was fun because I got to stay on the show."

Need - S02E04:

 Amanda Tapping [grins]:
"This was another dirty episode. Rick already had make-up dirt on him, but then he'd go around and pick up dirt from the floor and wipe it all over himself, and anyone else nearby.We were all filthy. I remember going home and washing my hair and laughing at the color of the water in the sink. It was great fun though. I love getting dirty better than getting pretty!"

One False Step - S02E18 

Teryl Rothery on her first opportunity to walk through the Stargate:
"They had pointed out in an earlier episode that I was off-world, but this was the first time anyone saw me go through. I loved it. The scene that always makes me smile is the one in which Janet steps through the gate, every five feet two from her, in one full HazMat suit, accompanied by two sturdy paramedics who made her appear even smaller. Her first words are: "Now this is what I call a house call." That always makes me laugh. "

Foothold - S03E14:

BehAmanda tells that she was delighted with this episode for a number of reasons, not least because she had a chance to show the contrast of not to trust Carter - who normaly follows military rules and do everything the way she's supposed to. Sam suddenly turns her back on everything and says 'No! I do not trust you guys. '
Amanda has particularly fond memories of the scene in the café: "I came up with this line - this 'Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn't you have taken a day off? '" She exclaims enthusiastically, "That was me! I looked at one of the fan websites that talked about favorite SG-1 lines, and there it was right up there". She grins: "When I saw this, it was like one of those 'woohoo moments' ".

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