S T A R G ᐰ T E

Join the adventures of the task force "SG-1"

- one of several SG-units consiting of US Air Force, US Marines and civilian personel -
which visits distant planets outside of our solar system that are connected by a network of star gates. 


Imagination isn't an excuse, because imagining something means creating whole new worlds!
Phantasie ist keine Ausflucht, denn sich was vorstellen heißt komplett neue Welten zu erschaffen!

⇒ Most famous role: Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter in the science fiction television series "Stargate SG-1" (1997-2007) and "Stargate Atlantis" (2007-2008).
⇒ Another world-famous role: Dr. Helen Magnus on the Syfy TV series "Sanctuary"
⇒ Amanda Tapping is one of the most famous actresses working on Canadian television today.
⇒ In 2004 Amanda made her directorial debut and directed an episode of Stargate SG-1.
⇒ Since 2009 she has worked regularly as a director for various television series.
⇒ Since 2017 she has mainly been directing.
⇒ She has earned a reputation as a sought-after director in the industry through hard work and a high level of professionalism in both television and film ......

Amanda Tapping im World Wide Web:

 Twitter: Amandaherself: @AmandaTapping   https://twitter.com/amandatapping

  Instagram: Amanda herself: @reallivsmum    https://www.instagram.com/reallivsmum/

Website: Amandas official website   http://amandatapping.com


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