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us mustangI was born on August 31, 19-hundred-something and grew up in Austria, the USA and Germany. In addition to my learned profession, which is in the social field, I love working on our small farm and - from time to time - still enjoy tinkering with my more than 50 year old motorcycle. There is always a lot to do on our farm, where my children and I breed, raise and train American Paint Horses. I own an American Paint Horse and an American Quarter Horse. But my greatest love is my Australian Shepherd.
When time permits, I like to read, go hiking or camping, listen to music, play the guitar (never ever in public!) or do a little Stargate model building.
I also like to create websites. I like experimenting and programming the templates and the websites themselves. My private website, which is divided into four sections, gives you a glimpse into some of the things I do and love.
I invite you to be my guest and visit my websites about TFR Colored Ranch Horses, Painthorses from Bavaria, my Stargate fan page and my page about my favorite director and actress Amanda Tapping. The links to this pages are at the bottom of this page.



Photo: The Munich Mustang - this sculpture inspired me since I was a kid

Drawings and other projects!

A large part of my life is dedicated to art of all kinds. I'm not a painter or a sculptor, but I think I can use my pencil quite well. I love to draw. Even as a child, I filled every available piece of paper with drawings. In contrast to drawing, painting is not really my thing, but at some point in the future I would like to try my hand at a canvas.
My second "artistic" passion is photography and the digital processing of images. I particularly like the composition of different images and texts. I like to create advertising posters, banners or logos, as well as simply pictures for my homepage. However, this branch of my activity has been largely dormant lately as I am not currently working on any projects.

In the World Wide Web:

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Facebook:  facebook.com/maria.gersch

Once upon a time there was a little girl, maybe four or five years old, who found a book in her father's bookcase.

It was a nondescript book with a dark gray cover....

I don't remember what title it was or who wrote it. My father was a graduate physicist and actually only had specialist books in his bookcase. But this book fascinated me even though I was so young at the time that I couldn't even read. This book was about rockets, manned spaceflight, space stations, and orbital stations. It was about the vision of colonizing the moon, maybe even Mars someday. Of course I couldn't read this, but there were fascinating illustrations in the book. My imagination was awakened, as was my interest, and last but not least, this book was the cornerstone of my love for science fiction.

I was around 10 years old, when a TV series aired on television that I immediately thought was great, but unfortunately  my mother thought otherwise. It took a lot of ingenuity to watch this series every week without getting caught. Its name: "Star Trek". Star Trek has been with me ever since. I don't know how many times I've watched "TOS", "The Next Generation", "DS9", "Voyager" and "ST Enterprise". I've also seen all of the feature films several times. The only thing I couldn't make friends with was "Star Trek Discovery".
It was no coincidence that Star Trek convinced me: besides a credible presentation of the technology, the main message of the show is the hope for a better, more peaceful life. Despite all space battles and fights, the focus is on harmonious coexistence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.
Definitely yes, I'm a huge fan of this franchise.

In 1997, shortly after a science fiction show called "Stargate SG 1" aired on television, I stumbled upon this series. I watched some episodes erratically for a while and couldn't make sense of the subject at all. I didn't understand these strange aliens they had on this show.
 - Why did they speak in a normal voice and then suddenly changed into a deep, alien voice - even the women!
 - Why the hell were all these Egyptian, Norse and other gods on this show?
 - What about the military, which was definitely operating in our regular timeframe?
 - What did that have to do with the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, that bunker deep in the mountains of Colorado?
 - Where the hell did the Stargate come from?

I had a lot of questions and no satisfactory answers - so I stopped watching that "crap" and finally forgot about that weird sci-fi show. However, "Stargate SG-1" was back a few years later. I switched into the pilot by chance, and lo and behold, it suddenly made sense. I suddenly understood: Stargate is told in chronological order. The same also applies to the spin-off series "Stargate Atlantis". Like with Star Trek, I've seen all the episodes and the movies a couple of times and I'm still captivated by by this show.
However, "Stargate Universe" is like "StarTrek Discovery", I somehow can't find access to these two shows.
Anyway, Stargate is definitely my favorite franchise!

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