Stargate Dioramas

This display above is a scene in a deep rain forest. Meanwhile Sam is checking the M.A.L.P., Jack is talking to Sams dog. Daniel and Teal'c have a little chat with their Asgard friend Thor. From left to right you see Major Sam Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson in their green Field-BDUs, Teal`c wears the Black-Ops-BDUs and Thor makes an apperance.
I used a laser print of a picture of the Canadian rain forest as background. Wood, moss and stones served as decoration. The DHD and the M.A.L.P. are coming from our 3D printer.
Info: BDU = Battle Dress Uniform. / SGC = StarGate Command

Stargate Displays

Model making has always been something I really enjoyed doing. Even as a child, I recreated scenes from my favorite shows on a "big scale". For example, a submarine was created in my room using simple means to reenact the TV show "Flipper". The horses had to be used to reenact "Bonanza". Last but not least, I - like Little Joe Cartwright - owned a black tobiano horse. Then there was the real modeling itself. I had many car and motorcycle models. There were also old tall ships and airplanes that were also airworthy. And now it's "Stargate" models that sit on my shelf and I enjoy them over and over again!

Original Funko Pops had to be used for this model. Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill are originally from Funko's US Marines series and have been reworked by me. The Zat and P90 are surplus from previous models. Little Sam Carter is from Funko's USAF series and just needed some paint. She too is armed with a P90. Teal'c is from the WWE Anniversary Edition, the staff is also from Diamond Select. A laser print of the Canadian Rainforest serves as the background.

The second Sam Carter is also an original Funko USAF figure. Here I have only adjusted the uniform a bit so that it can be recognized as an officer.

Gate Models

Stargate Clock

Fully functioning clock in Stargate design. The Stargate is the collector's edition of Diamond Select, the clock background and the ramp come from the 3D printer. The figures are from Diamond Select, the clockwork comes from the craft store.

Stargate on a very small scale

I built this model on a very small scale. It is in 1:87 or H0. The surroundings come from the railway model making, as well as the little Sam Carter and the trees. The tree trunks are small twigs and the tufts of grass are dried moss. The Stargate, the DHD, the M.A.L.P. and the F.R.E.D. come from the 3D printer. This was my very first Stargate diorama and came before the "Diamond Select" models.

Tin and 3D print

The pewter figurine comes from the manufacturer "Phoenix" and represents Sam Carter with her P90.
The Stargate and the ramp come from the 3D printer. The background in the gate is a laser print of a screenshot from an episode from Stargate.

My "Diamond Select" Stargate action figures in the order of their arrival:

1. Sam Carter (Field BDUs) - 2. Vala Mal Doran (Field BDUs) - 3. Jack O'Neill (Field BDUs) - 4. Daniel Jackson (Black Ops) - 5. Cameron Mitchell (Field BDUs) - 6./ 7. Teal'c (Black Ops) together with Sam Carter (Desert BDUs) as a surprise guest! - 8. another surprise Sam Carter (Atlantis) - 9. Jack O'Neill (Desert BDUs) - 10./ 11.  Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard (Field Ops) together - 12. Repli-Carter - 13. Rodney McKay (Field Ops) - 14. Vala Mal Doran (Avalon) - 15. Teyla Emmagan (Field Ops) - 16. Dr. Jennifer Keller (Atlantis) - 17. Teal'c (Desert BDUs) - 18. Thor (Asgard) - 19. Daniel Jackson (Desert-BDUs) - 20. Sam Carter (Prototype) - 21. Ronon Dex - 22. Daniel Jackson (Field BDUs) - 23. Sam Carter (Black Ops) 24. Jack O'Neill (General BDUs) - 25. Jack O'Neill (Black Ops) - [26. Sam Carter (BDUs) - 27. Daniel Jackson (BDUs) - 28. Cam Mitchell (BDUs) - 29. Vala Mal Doran (Avalon)]

Diamond Select Models

Stargate Atlantis - on a mission

A model of a mission from the Atlantis expedition. As a background I used a laser print from the coast of Nanaimo / BC and added an Atlantis Stargate. Sand, stones, dried plants and reindeer moss form the ground on which the figures stand.The figures are from Diamond Select and show  from left to right Col. Sam Carter, Lt.Col. John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex on a mission!!

SG-1 in the desert

 My next diorama was a desert setting that includes natural elements like stones and moss. I used some old, dry wood as well. The red sand comes fom Bryce Canyon/Utah. The background is a laser print from an original SG-1 scene which I took as a screen shot. The broken stargate in the rear is a 3D print, that then got hand colored and finished by me. The dog tags are hand made, the ball chains are original, but actually the smallest size I had.
In their desert BDUs you can see Teal'c, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson and Major Sam Carter.

In Merlin's realm

Our brave SG-1 heroes can be found in a medieval village. Again, the background is a laser print of an image of a village. The floor on which the two stand is made of hay. Wood and moss were also used as decoration. The action figures come from Diamond Select and, like all the others, are very detailed. Even the size of the characters varies, just like the size of the actors. In this diorama you can see a part of SG-1, namely Vala Mal Doran and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell in their Field BDUs.

In the embarkation room at the SGC

A small display of Major Sam Carter in the SGC gate room. This was the first try with one of the action figures (made by Diamond Select) and a laser print background. This Sam Carter was also the very first figure I got.

Replicators in Atlantis

Repli-Carter and Dr. Elizabeth Weir researching what o'ever. I don't know if they are Replicators or not, so be careful around them!
In the background we see a laser print of the Atlantis Gate Room, on the desk in the foreground are a naquada generator, a tablet computer, a replicator and a ZPM.

Daniel and Vala - a special adventure

Involuntarily connected are Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran. When looking for an antidote, they have to go through a lot. Here, too, laser printing acts as the background and natural materials as the floor covering. Vala is wearing her leather outfit from "Avalon", Daniel is wearing the Black Ops.

The following actors did portray SGC personel in the TV show: Richard Dean Anderson (Major General Jack O'Neill) / Amanda Tapping (Colonel Dr. Samantha Carter) / Christopher Judge (Teal'c) / Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) / Ben Browder (Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell) / Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran) / Joe Flanigan (Lt. Colonel John Sheppard) / Tory Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) / David Hewlett (Dr. Rodney McKay) / Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) / Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller)
The military ranks are not always equal to the ones in the description of the displays, because O'Neill, Carter and Sheppard got promoted during their time with the SGC.
The cute little dog (Sky) does not belong to SG-1 originally, but is a homage to Amanda Tapping, who is a huge dog-lover!