The Team of SG-Atlantis


As is often the case, the success of a show or a movie tends to lead to so-called "spin-offs". These are other shows or films that have the same topic, and build on the wave of success of the predecessor. In the case of Stargate, too, there was this dynamic. It all started with Roland Emmerich's feature film. From this Brad Wright and Robert Cooper made the first spin off, namely Stargate SG-1. This show was so successful that, after eight years, the spin-off Stargate Atlantis was added. Thanks to the very committed actors, Atlantis also had what it takes to become a really good show, but unfortunately financial considerations prevented a longer run. Completely viable in itself, this series showed its close relationship to SG-1 not only through the actors such as Gary Jones, Amanda Tapping, Beau Bridges and Rick Anderson, who took on guest roles in Atlantis. The connection to the SGC and regular visits to the SGC Gate Room also demonstrated how close the offshoot was to the original.

The expedition leaders

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

 Torry Higginson
* 1969 - Burlington / Canada

Elizabeth Weir is an accomplished and celebrated American diplomat. In 2004, that career ended abruptly when she took on the role of Stargate Command's first civilian commander. Shortly thereafter, she relinquished leadership of the SGC and became the first leader of the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus galaxy. She performed this task with skill and dedication until her confrontation with a very dangerous enemy...

USAF  Colonel
Dr. Samantha "Sam" Carter, PhD

 Amanda Tapping
* 1965 - Rochford / Great Britain

Colonel Carter is a brilliant scientist, a determined fighter pilot and a formidable tactician. As the leader of the Atlantis Expedition, Sam now brings her experience from the SGC's elite team to the table. The soldier with military ethos and discipline enjoys great trust and respect among the crew. However, as a member of the military, she is a thorn in the side of the IOA and is replaced after about a year by a civilian, IOA-compliant successor.

Richard P. Woolsey

 Robert Picardo
* 1953 - Philadelphia / Pennsylvania / USA

As a former commissioner of the National Intelligence Department (NID) and also the International Oversight Advisory (IOA), Richard P. Woolsey worked as a representative of the United States and its administrative apparatus. Initially opposed to the program, he later gained the respect of Stargate Command. After the transfer of Colonel Samantha Carter, Woolsey became the new leader of the Atlantis Expedition.

Recon Team Members

USAF  Lieutenant Colonel
John Sheppard

 Joe Flannigan
* 1967 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

John Sheppard is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and has been a member of the Atlantis Expedition since its inception. Except when Colonel Carter was on Atlantis, he is the military leader and commands the expedition's military contingent. He is also the current team leader of the expedition's flagship team, the Atlantis Reconnaissance 1, or AR-1 for short.

USAF  Major
Evan Lorne

 Kavan Smith
* 1970 - Edmonton / Canada

Evan Lorne is a major in the United States Air Force and earned his spurs in the SGC under Major General G. Hammond. He was later assigned to the Atlantis Expedition and is now the team leader of Atlantis Reconnaissance 2. He is the Deputy Military Commander of Atlantis.

Teyla Emmagan

 Rachel Luttrell
* 1971 - Daressalam, Tansania

Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians from the planet Athos and was one of the first to speak to the Atlantis Expedition. She is an original member of Atlantis Reconnaissance 1. Teyla's leadership qualities are well respected in Atlantis and she is often considered the third in command of Atlantis.

Ronon Dex

 Jason Momoa
* 1979 - Nānākuli, Hawaii, USA

Ronon Dex comes from the planet Sateda in the Pegasus galaxy. He was a member of the Satedan Planetary Forces, where he held the rank of Specialist. For a time after being captured by the Wraith, he was forced to live as a runner. Encountering the Atlantis expedition radically changed his life.


Dr. M. Rodney McKay, PhD

 David Hewlett
* 1968 -  Redhill / Great Britain

Dr Meredith Rodney McKay, better known as Rodney McKay, is a brilliant if extremely arrogant astrophysicist and one of the leading experts not only on Stargate and wormhole physics, but also on Ancient and nanite technology in the Milky Way and the Pegasus galaxy . He hates his real first name, which is only used by his sister Jeannie, who calls him "Meredith" or "Mer".

Dr. Radek Zelenka, PhD

 David Nykl
* 1966 - Prague  / Czech Republic

Radek Zelenka is a scientist from the Czech Republic and a member of the Atlantis Expedition, believed to be the Deputy Chief Science Officer - but runs his own department now and then. Both Zelenka and McKay are absolute geniuses when it comes to using Ancient technology.

Dr. Carson Beckett, M.D.

 Paul McGillion
* 1969 -  Paisley / Great Britain

Carson Beckett was the Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis Expedition for four years. In addition to his day-to-day duties as a ward doctor, he devoted a great deal of time to research. His most notable achievements were the development of the Ancient Technology Activation (ATA) gene therapy, which delivers the gene to 48% of recipients, and the retrovirus, which suppresses the Iratus bug genes in Wraith DNA.

Dr. Jennifer Keller, M.D.

 Jewel Staite
* 1982 - White Rock / Canada

Jennifer Keller is a civilian doctor who joined the Stargate program and took part in the Atlantis Expedition. During her time at Atlantis, she had great difficulty withstanding the pressure of her position as Chief Medical Officer. Despite these problems, she was accepted by the rest of the expedition. She later began a relationship with fellow expeditionist Dr. Rodney McKay.