The Main Team of SG-1

The actors contribute significantly to the success or failure of a series or film. While Kurt Russell played a humorless, depressive and suicidal Jack O'Neil in the 1994 film, Richard Dean Anderson approached things completely differently in the Stargate series. His Jack O'Neill (with 2! L) is bursting with wit and humor, but he also has his serious side.
James Spader credibly and convincingly played the unconventional Daniel Jackson, whose theses are ridiculed by his scientific colleagues. Michael Shanks, who took on the role of Daniel Jackson in the series, not only looked very similar to James Spader, but he also stuck to his model of the character and was convincing in this role.
Both in the film and in the series, Erik Avari embodies the clan leader Kasuf, and Alex Cruz embodies his son Skarra.
Kasuf's daughter Shau'ri / Sha're (Mili Avital / Film - Vaitiare Bandera / Series) and Catherine Langford (Viveca Lindfors / Film - Elizabeth Hoffman / Series) also appear in the film and series.

Not featured in the film are Sam Carter, Janet Fraiser, George Hammond and Teal'c. These characters were not introduced until the series.

The military Stargate personel

USAF Lieutenant General
George Hammond

 Don S. Davis
* 1942 - Aurora - Missouri / USA
† 2008 - Gibsons / Canada

Lieutenant General George Hammond is about to retire when the Stargate program is suddenly reactivated. He heads the Stargate Command (SGC) and coordinates the operations of the various SG teams. One of his main tasks is to keep Colonel Jack O'Neill in check and to prevent the military team members of SG-1 from coming to court-martial thanks to their inexhaustible creativity and unconventional approaches.

USAF Major General
Hank Landry

 Beau Bridges
* 1941 - Los Angeles - California / USA

Major General Hank Landry takes over the SGC as Commanding Officer as Dr. Elizabeth Weir takes over the leadership of the Atlantis expedition. Landry has to step into big boots left mainly by General Hammond. With his calm, relaxed manner, he earns the team's trust and can contribute to the success of the SGC.

USAF Brigadier General
Johnathan "Jack" O'Neill

 Richard Dean Anderson
* 1950 - Mineapolis - Minesota / USA

Brigadier General Jack O'Neil is a United States Air Force (USAF) officer who is being brought back to active service from retirement. As an experienced and battle-tested soldier, he is supposed to lead secret operations that lead through the Stargate. Jack is an officer with all the tricks up his sleeve; clever, cunning, courageous and extremely loyal to his men. At first he is not very pleased when the new team member, Captain Sam Carter, turns out to be a young, very intelligent female scientist. But over the time he comes to appreciate the lively officer very much and doesn't want to be without her on his team.

USAF  Major General
Jacob Carter

 Carmen Argenziano
* 1943 - Sharon - Pennsylvania / USA
† 2019 - Los Angeles - California / USA

Jacob Carter, the father of Colonel Samantha Carter and Mark Carter, was a veteran in the United States Air Force and retired as a major general. After being united with the symbiote Selmak, Jacob became a member of the Tok'ra. As an ally of Stargate Command, he regularly assisted his daughter Sam on various missions for years.

USAF  Colonel
Dr. Samantha "Sam" Carter, PhD

 Amanda Tapping
* 1965 - Rochford / Great Britain

Colonel Carter is a brilliant scientist, a determined fighter pilot, and an excellent tactician. Sam flies and drives everything that is fast. She is proficient in handling C-4 (explosives), trained as a sniper and in close combat, and is also proficient in picking door locks. With intelligence, expertise, humor and great loyalty, Sam has earned the respect and affection of her superiors and now brings her experience to the SGC's elite team.

USAF  Lieutenant Colonel
Cammeron "Cam" Mitchell

  Ben Browder
* 1962 - Memphis - Tennessee / USA

Lieutenant Colonel Cammeron Mitchell is a passionate fighter pilot and very experienced in handling all fighter jets and the SGC's 302s. When he is assigned to SG1, his main job is to bring the team back together. It is not an easy task to lead SG1 after O'Neill has left, as Sam and the two civilians (Teal'c and Daniel) are not directly bound by orders. In the end, however, the four - later five - still get together.

USAF Major
Dr. Janet Faiser, MD

 Teryl Rothery
* 1962 - Vancouver / Canada

Dr Fraiser is an experienced military doctor who can handle the tough guys too. Even O'Neill has a lot of respect for the doctor, who is only 5,1ft tall, and usually follows her orders. She takes her hypocratic oath very seriously. Janet has few field assignments, but when she has to move out, things are usually tight. In her private life she is happily divorced and is raising her daughter Cassandra single handed. She receives support from Major Carter, who for Cassy is simply Aunt Sam.

The civilian Stargate personel

Dr. Daniel Jackson, PhD

Michael Shanks
* 1970 - Vancouver / Canada

Dr. Jackson has been dealing with the Stargate for years and was able to give decisive advice on the operation of this device. He accompanies Jack on the first mission to Abydos and finds his great love and a new family there. However, unfortunate circumstances eventually force him to become a member of SG-1. Daniel is friends with the discoverer of the Stargate, Catherine Langford. He also befriends Sam Carter very quickly, who shares a passion for science with him.


 Christopher Judge
* 1964 - Los Angeles - California / USA

Teal'c is a Jaffa and was the "First Prime" (the commander in chief) of the Goa'uld Apophis. After Teal'c realized that the Goa'uld weren't gods, he joined the SG team to fight the enslavement of his

Jonas Quinn

 Corin Nemec
* 1971 - Little Rock - Arkansas / USA

Jonas Quinn is from Kelowna on the planet Langara. His greatest ability is absorbing and processing large amounts of information in a short period of time. Due to personal reasons, he initially had a very strained relationship with Colonel Jack O'Neill and SG-1. Eventually he was assigned to this team, but could never really find a deeper connection.

Vala Mal Doran

  Claudia Black
* 1972 - Sydney - Australia

Vala Mal Doran is a likable crook who doesn't really take things seriously with someone else's property. Over time, the former opponent of SG1 becomes a valuable member of the unit, not least because General O'Neill and General Landry turn a blind eye again and again when Vala approaches a problem in a very unconventional way.